Brands release functional foodie accessories

As modern youth continue to desire alternative forms of marketing from brands, those in the food industry are delivering in fun and unique ways. Recently, brands and eateries alike took advantage of cultural events to connect with customers through limited-edition food accessories that are as functional as they are creative.


Ahead of the 2019 Super Bowl, aluminum foil brand Reynold’s Wrap went the extra yard and released a limited edition “wearable snack pack” called the Reynold’s Wrap Hunger Harness. The front-facing backpack, which is insulated to keep foods at their intended temperature, has adjustable straps and multiple pockets to carry the wearer’s appetizers, meals, beverages, and even dipping sauces. Despite the versatile nature of this portable concession stand, the Hunger Harness is limited edition (and currently sold out) and is priced at $4.99, the same price as the brand’s aluminum foil.


To combat the stress of holiday travel, fried chicken fast food chain Popeye’s created an “Emotional Support Chicken” carrier option for customers who were flying through the Philadelphia International Airport. For a limited time, nervous travelers who ordered a three-piece tenders combo at the Popeye’s in Terminal C received their meal in a cardboard chicken carrier that was not only designed to look like an actual chicken in an emotional support jacket, but also boasted “this chicken provides comfort and nourishment during stressful air travel” on the side of the carrier, giving new meaning to the phrase “edible advertising.”


To celebrate National Biscuit Day, Red Lobster gave biscuit lovers the chance to win an insulated fanny pack that was meant to hold the brand’s leftover cheddar bay biscuits. Practical and fashionable, the dual-purpose black mesh bag was designed to keep multiple biscuits warm on-the-go and has the words “Cheddar Bay Biscuits” written in large gold script on the front. To win a fanny pack, participants were asked to tweet what they loved most about Red Lobster’s famous biscuits to the brand’s Twitter account and include the hashtag #CBBSweepstakes in their entry.