Brands rollout beauty & wellness services

Youth crave opportunities to engage with the brands they love, meaning that in today’s evolving retail landscape it’s no longer enough to just sell them products. The following brands are tapping into modern youth’s desire for experiences by launching beauty and wellness services that amplify engagement and foster brand affinity.


DSW is piloting in-store manicure and pedicure services across select doors to attract more customers and offer them a relaxing in-store experience. Along with nail bar services, customers can book waxing appointments and enjoy beer and wine offerings. According to DSW’s CEO, data gleaned from the pilot revealed that when a patron visits this experiential concept, nearly a quarter of the time they will go on to buy a pair of shoes, and that these same patrons have spent 60% more on footwear since the launch of the salons. The brand hopes that services like this pilot will foster greater affinity among customers.


Fans of Lush and its handmade cosmetics can now also relax and luxuriate in one of the brand’s dedicated spa locations. Lush Spas offer sensorial treatments that combine music, massage, fragrance, and traditional techniques to rejuvenate and heal the mind and body. For example, the Karma package includes a full-body massage complete with Ayurvedic techniques, a Shirodhara hair-cleansing ritual, meditation, and yoga stretches, all to the sound of traditional Indian folk music. Such holistic treatments resonate among modern youth, who gravitate toward products and services that promote self-care.


French beauty brand Biologique Recherche, known for its cult P50 glow tonic, opened its first U.S. spa in West Palm Beach, FL. Dubbed Ambassade de la Beauté (or “embassies of beauty”), the spa offers a wide menu of skin treatments for the face and body, which use a range of techniques—from massage to electrolysis (courtesy of BR’s Magical Remodeling Face Machine)—in combination with the brand’s luxurious, nature-derived beauty and skincare products. Biologique Recherche’s beauty service allows customers to enjoy a unique experience, test the effectiveness of products, and engage with the brand on a deeper level.