Companies champion sustainable tourism

62% of Trendsetters in the UK and 55% in the U.S. say they cut back on spending in other areas to be able to afford travel, showing just how far modern youth are willing to go to prioritize this passion point. The following companies are pairing this priority with young consumers' desire to participate in the Race to Zero, effectively launching sustainable tourism initiatives that satisfy their passion for both.


Non-profit travel booking platform Bee + Hive curates sustainable travel excursions (such as fishing and dining with an indigenous tribe in Northeast Brazil or exploring Sweden’s wilderness with a moose-calling expert) for its environmentally-conscious customers. Bee + Hive vets all hotels and associated activities for their sustainability practices before allowing them on its platform, relieving users from the burden of having to figure out how to travel responsibly. What’s more, Bee + Hive also uses some of its profits to aid the environment at a local level, supporting indigenous communities and the larger global sustainability movement in the process.


After being turned down for a job at a trekking company because of her gender, Thinlas Chorol became even more determined to break into the male-dominated Indian trekking industry. In 2009 Chorol founded the Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company, the first female owned and operated travel company in Ladakh, India. The company, made up of 25 women, offers trips through Ladakh’s challenging environment and focuses on sustainable travel practices, eco-friendly homestays, and female fellowship. Female travelers with the Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company build camaraderie anchored by the local landscape and rigorous nature of the trekking experience.


NotOnMap protects rural communities across India—from Himachal’s mountainous region in the north to Karnataka's coast in the southwest—by working to turn these locales into tourist destinations, connecting travellers with the local culture and engendering the growth of a new local economy in the process. To this end, the startup recently won funding from Booking.com’s 2019 Booking Boost program to aid the organization in its mission. NotOnMap gives travelers the opportunity to connect with the local community by helping to rebuild traditional housing, revive local crafts, and create sustainable economies in India’s rural villages.