Brands debut personalized drink offerings

Today’s youth prize individuality, giving rise to the demand for personalized products that showcase this proclivity. Indeed, Cassandra has found that 80% of young people in the U.S. and 69% in the UK say they feel better about themselves if they buy products that are customized. With this in mind, the following beverage brands are creating personalized drink offerings that speak to this desire.


Knowing that consumers prioritize healthy eating, London-based bottled drink company Kolibri released a bespoke beverage that gives consumers the power to customize their sugar intake. The drink’s glass bottle is topped with an inventive cap that dispenses sweetener at the user’s discretion. The sweetener is a blend of agave, apple, and caramel, and adheres to youth’s preference for natural ingredients, while the drink’s controllable dosing method also plays to their love of personalization. The beverage comes in Elderflower & Lime, Cardamom & Chili, and Strawberry & Basil flavors and is selectively available in specific hotels and restaurants.


Gatorade is taking its performance beverages to the next level by partnering with Smart Design to develop the Gatorade Gx product line. The line includes a customizable squeeze bottle, personalized flavor pods, and other innovative hydration products that sync with a range of cloud-based technologies to track athletes’ hydration needs based on innate physical differences, various sports activities, levels of exertion, duration of exercise, and weather conditions. The Gx platform gathers data from the smart hydration products and gives participating athletes recommendations on the formula and fluid intake they should consume pre- and post- workout for optimal nutrition and performance.


The Giga 6, which is produced by Swiss coffee machine maker Jura, is capable of brewing thousands of drink combinations and 28 standard programmable drinks, offering far more coffee options than found on most cafe menus. The machine includes 10 ‘strength’ settings, 10 milk temperature options, and the option to blend grinds from two different coffee bean sources in 25% increments, all of which allow users to brew a truly customized cup of coffee that is formulated to their exact taste preference. As an added bonus, the Giga 6 is controllable via the Jura app, giving users the ability to brew coffee before they even leave their beds.