Brands release eco-friendly food storage bags

Today’s youth fear for the future of the climate and environment, as seen in the proliferation of global no waste movements like the #StopSucking campaign. While governments may be slow to provide solutions for eco-conscious young citizens, brands have an opportunity to spearhead environmental initiatives. The following companies are doing just that by launching reusable silicone food storage bags that mitigate plastic waste.


Made from FDA-grade PEVA material, (re)zip reusable storage bags offer an airtight and easy-to-open/close food storage option to reduce plastic waste, a growing aspiration for today’s youth. The zipper-lock bags conveniently store food items such as chips, nuts, cereals, and fruits while enduring everyday wear and tear. While the (re)zip bags are not dishwasher friendly, the brand offers multiple sizes and colors of its stand up bags to help consumers stay organized and reduce their carbon footprint.


Stasher is a reusable food storage bag that is made with 100% pure plastic-grade silicone and comes in multiple sizing options. On top of offering a sustainable alternative to plastic Ziploc baggies, Stasher bags are heat- and cold-resistant, can be used in the microwave or oven to cook food, and can be stored in the freezer while protecting food from freezer burn. With consumers across generations feeling increasingly worried about climate change, Stasher bags mitigate this by providing a functional, sustainable way to curb plastic usage.


Designed with airtight seals and resistance to heat and cold, WINIT reusable bags store solid food, liquid sauces and soups, and any daily necessities consumers may want to seal and store. The versatile bag is non-toxic to the environment, recyclable, and durable. Outside of the kitchen, WINIT bags can be used for traveling to store convenient snacks or keep dirty clothes contained, displaying versatility that appeals to youth’s desire for product innovation in the areas they are passionate about. Currently, WINIT bags are available in a four piece set on Amazon.