Brands release modern, high-protein breakfast cereals

Millennials have been accused of killing breakfast cereal (among other products), but this cohort doesn’t see their actions in this negative light. Rather, modern youth are empowered by the amount of product choices they have and expect brands to adapt to their changing tastes and preferences. Now, brands are contributing to cereal’s revival by releasing even healthier, higher-protein options to bring this beloved breakfast back.


Unsatisfied with the sugar-laden and fake “healthy” cereals offered in grocery stores, Magic Spoon developed a keto-friendly boxed cereal made from a blend of milk and whey proteins, coconut oil, and natural sweeteners. The startup’s loop-shaped cereal comes in four flavors (Fruity, Cocoa, Frosted, and Cinnamon), and each serving contains 12 grams of protein and only 3 grams of net carbs, making it a valid option for consumers who seek a keto-friendly meal or snack. The cereal is available exclusively on Magic Spoon’s website and retails for $39 for a four-box pack.


The Cereal School recently debuted a low carb, high protein cereal that has a “cleaner” nutrition profile compared to other cereals due to its ingredients, which include monk fruit and lactose-free milk protein isolate. The cereal comes in two flavors, Fruity and Cinnamon Bun, and is keto-friendly in addition to being grain-, sugar- and gluten-free. With this offering, The Cereal School is providing a functional food choice for health-conscious consumers (meaning that the cereal has more than just one type of perceived health benefit), and is in high demand: the cereal has already sold out four times this year.


Wegman’s newest Coconut Flakes cereal is a revamp of childhood-favorite Frosted Flakes, but this new take offers a high-protein, whole-grain breakfast option for cereal lovers. Each serving of Coconut Flakes packs as much protein as an egg, and is made with garbanzo beans, navy beans, and red lentils. Wegman’s also debuted Cinnamon Flakes, Chocolate Os, and Vanilla Os, offering additional plant-based plays on beloved cereal classics. Wegman’s lineup of high-protein cereals make classic breakfast cereal accessible to young consumers who don’t want to sacrifice taste for their health goals.