Food brands facilitate delivery via geo-targeting technology

Today’s on-demand youth have given rise to delivery services that allow them to have what they want when they want it—especially when it comes to the foods they’re craving in the moment. Knowing this, the following brands have launched geo-targeted food delivery services that cater to this young cohort’s desire for instant gratification.


The classic ice cream truck got an upgrade last year when, for one day in London’s Russell Square, Häagen-Dazs tested a geo-targeted delivery service. The ice cream brand launched a food delivery feature called Häagen-Dazs NOW via Facebook Messenger. Customers could place their order through a chat-bot conversation and a temperature-controlled delivery van delivered their ice cream to their exact location within the city square. Such innovations in delivery cater to young consumers’ desire for speed and convenience.


Domino’s is constantly innovating, whether it be by creating a pizza wedding registry or testing autonomous vehicle delivery. One of its recent moves was to expand the locations where pizza lovers can receive their piping hot pies. Last year, the pizza chain launched over 150,000 geo-targeted outdoor hotspots across the country where hungry pizza lovers could place an order and receive a delivery. Customers can use the brand’s website or app to access Domino’s Hotspots, a feature which shows them Domino’s delivery hotspots within their vicinity. Hotspot locations include national landmarks, parks, sports fields, and beaches—perfect for today’s on-the-go consumer.


McDonald’s wants to be part of people’s outdoor summer plans. To promote its food delivery service in Sweden, the fast food brand created limited-edition picnic blankets and gifted them to McDonald’s enthusiasts through a social media giveaway. The blankets were printed with a QR code that enables geo-targeted delivery. Customers need only download the McDonald’s mobile app and scan the code on their blanket; their order and geographic location are then sent to their preferred food delivery service, such as Uber Eats or DoorDash, which picks up the order from the nearest McDonald’s location and delivers it directly to the picnic blanket.