Movie theaters launch subscription ticket services

To compete with at-home streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, movie theaters have begun to launch their own subscription services that offer additional benefits such as affordable ticket rates, access to hundreds of theaters, and discounts on movie concessions. While some theaters have struggled to innovate their price models, the following companies are seeing a major increase in subscribers and movie attendance with these initiatives.


Regal Cinemas is rolling out a new subscription service that would give customers more affordable access to the movies they want to see. Regal Unlimited offers three different subscription tiers—$18, $21, or $24 a month—and customers are asked to pay for the year in advance. Through the service, theatergoers can watch an unlimited number of movies and gain access to a certain number of locations depending on their subscription preferences. Top tier members will have access to all theaters, while lower tier members may have to pay a small upcharge to access those outside of their purview. In addition to unlimited viewings, subscribers also receive a 10% discount on movie snacks.


AMC Theatres’ Stubs A-List has proven to be extremely successful in its first year, garnering 860,000 subscribers (well over the 500,000 subscribers the theater chain originally predicted) and currently holding the title of number one movie subscription service in North America. The service costs members $19.95 per month in 34 U.S. states and $21.95 or $23.95 in the remaining others. Subscription benefits include access to three movies per week in any format, concession benefits, and no online ticket fees. Knowing that young people still like to go to movie theaters, AMC’s subscription perks make it even more appealing for today’s entertainment-obsessed youth to watch their next film on the big screen.


Launched in late 2017, Cinemark’s Movie Club subscription service has grabbed the attention of frequent moviegoers with its low monthly subscription fee. The service only costs members $9 per month, a very affordable option when compared to other movie subscription services. The Movie Club grants subscribers access to 2D movies but doesn’t include 3D or IMAX. Other perks include a 20% discount on concessions, rollover tickets, and free online reservations. Additionally, members can purchase tickets for nonmembers for $8.99—a move which bolsters attendance and allows customers to create a social experience around this pastime.