Next-gen dental care programs offer new options

Modern youth have given rise to telemedicine, which is democratizing healthcare and providing ease and convenience for today’s busy youth. The following next-gen programs are disrupting the industry by offering customers modern alternatives to traditional dentistry.


The direct-to-consumer electric toothbrush brand Quip is expanding its offerings to include dental insurance for its NYC customers. Quipcare is an app-based dental insurance alternative that prioritizes transparency. The brand offers two service options: basic Quipcare, which is a pay-as-you-go plan that allows patients to book appointments with in-Quip network dentists and see a list of pre-negotiated rates for non-preventative care, and Quipcare+, which is a $25/month preventative care plan that offers transparent pricing and a seamless booking platform, qualities that cater to modern youth’s desire for efficiency.


Level wants to take the guesswork out of going to the dentist. The new healthcare startup offers an employee-sponsored program that allows patients to find, book, and pay for dental services via a simple-to-use app. Level would also allow people to compare the prices of services across different dental providers so that patients can make better-informed decisions about their healthcare. Additionally, users can pay for procedures within the app using a stored credit card, making the process of seeing the dentist even more frictionless. Modern youth turn to technology to make their lives easier and companies such as Level are capitalizing on this tendency to deliver a new take on dental care.


Part of the difficulty of taking care of one’s personal health is having the time and flexibility to make it to the doctor’s office. Henry is eliminating this issue by bringing the dentist to the patient. Henry partners with companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that offer PPO dental plans to bring healthcare to patients in the places where they work. Henry is a mobile dentist service that provides care in converted RV vans to employees. The van interiors are equipped with the latest dental technologies and staffed with licensed dentists. Through this service, patients can schedule their appointments during work hours, a system which provides convenience for today’s always-on young workforce.