Mindful journaling apps help modern youth self-reflect

Modern youth turn to technology to help them improve their lives, especially when it comes to their mental health. The following apps assist youth in this endeavor by using journaling as a tool to guide users through their thoughts and experiences, achieve a better sense of self-awareness, and improve their state of mind.


The name of the new app Jour comes from jour, the French word for “day,” and is short for journaling. This new guided writing app is helping modern youth cultivate a daily mindfulness routine that encourages self-reflection and boosts one’s overall sense of wellbeing. Jour sends users a daily mindfulness check-in, asking them questions about how they’re feeling, as well as feelings they want to achieve. For more journaling exercises, users can access “Journeys,” which are guided writing practices that help users work through their emotions, overcome anxiety, and let go of conflicts in their lives. Additionally, the app syncs with Apple’s Healthkit so that time spent journaling is recorded as mindfulness—an area of practice that has become important for modern youth’s overall health.


Stoic is a daily journaling app that tracks users’ thoughts and feelings via an aesthetically pleasing black-and-white platform. Each day, users are sent a notification to write a morning and evening entry, both of which begin with a quote pulled from one of four different philosophical schools of thought: Stoicism, Buddhism, Taoism, or Christianity. Users are then asked a question related to the quote, which encourages them to explore their thoughts, feelings, and actions and ultimately gain a deeper self-understanding. Stoic also offers different exercises, including meditation, breathing, and fear setting—a practice which guides users through exercises meant to help them overcome their fears.


Moodnotes is a wellness app that uses journaling to help users deepen their self-awareness and improve their mental health. Developed by two licensed psychologists, the Moodnotes app uses science-based techniques and exercises to help users track their mood, gain new perspectives, recognize and redirect negative thought patterns, and reduce their stress. Users receive a daily prompt to write about what’s happening and rate their mood. If a user is falling into a “thinking trap,” the app allows them to recognize it and then presents questions that will get them to reframe their perspective. The app tracks a user’s mood over time, which allows them to identify and avoid different emotional triggers.