Apps make parenting a little bit easier

As technology and smartphone use become more and more integrated into daily routines, families have turned to apps that provide parenting assistance. These family management apps provide a platform for parents to organize their slew of responsibilities, including everything from incentivizing their kids to complete their chores to creating master calendars that keep schedules clear and up to date.


coParenter is an app that assists divorced parents with co-parenting. The app, which was developed by a former judge and family law educator, serves as a platform for parents to manage disputes, communications, calendars, and many other needs pertaining to their children. Parents can use coParenter to make daily decisions for their children around things like their diet, use of media, playdates, and more. What’s more, the app uses A.I. technology that serves as a mediator through the app's chat function. Specifically, the A.I. gives users a warning if it thinks their message contains inappropriate language, which gives users a chance to reconsider their message before sending.


Getting children to do their chores is now easier with the creation of Chorez. The app was developed to make children’s household chores easier for parents to manage as well as teach kids about responsibility and the value of money. Through Chorez, parents can review a child’s completion of their chores via photos and even send their kids a digital payment for their efforts through Akimbo, a prepaid Mastercard. The app also teaches children consistency by allowing parents to set weekly chore expectations before a child can access their earnings.


S’moresUp is a parent’s one-stop shop for household management. This app provides a space for parents to create chores, manage schedules, set reminders, plan events, and more. Not only does the app allow parents to create an organized calendar for their families, but it also allows parents to connect with other parents. S’moresUp has a chat function that connects parents from around the world and gives them a space to ask questions and get advice from one another. While parents are engaged with these functions, kids are learning chore management and the value of rewards and creating savings goals via the app.