Brands continue launching new plant-based “meat” burgers

The growing popularity of plant-based “meat” burgers, like the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger, has ignited competition within this category. For consumers who are hesitant to try a plant-based burger for fear that they might not like the taste, the following meatless alternatives provide that familiar meat flavor and texture and come with the added benefits of being more sustainable and cruelty-free.


UK-based company The Meatless Farm has set its eyes on the U.S. market, having recently launched its plant-based “meat” products in over 450 Whole Foods grocery stores across the U.S. The Meatless Farm collaborated with food researchers to create a faux-meat burger and plant-based “meat” crumbles made from soy, rice, and pea protein. Like the Impossible Burger, the products are designed to mimic the taste, feel, and appearance of a real burger. Modern youth, who are concerned over their health and the state of the environment, are fueling the demand for more meatless “meat” options, and plant-based protein brands will only continue to proliferate to meet their desires.


German discount supermarket Lidl recently created its own version of the Impossible Burger called the Next Level Burger across its 3,200 German locations. This 100% vegan “meat” burger is made from a combination of vegetables, plant proteins, and beetroot juice (which gives the burger a red color and mimics the juiciness of a real beef burger). At €2.99 per two-pack, Next Level Burger is more affordable than its competitors, which Lidl hopes will help drive sales. The majority of German youth believe that eating vegan food has become more popular in their country and are prompting the rise of products like the Next Level Burger that provide tasty, plant-based alternatives to the foods they love.


Nestlé-owned vegan and vegetarian food brand Sweet Earth is getting in on the plant-based burger game with the launch of the Awesome Burger next month. Sweet Earth’s “meat” burger is a response to plant-based protein brands Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, which have risen in popularity and have even penetrated the fast food and restaurant markets. Like its competitors, the Awesome Burger has been designed to mimic the flavor, texture, and color of a real beef burger. The patty, which is made from yellow pea protein, is also packed with more protein and fiber than its Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods counterparts.