Gummy candies level up

The food and wellness industries are turning to the sweet and nostalgic gummy bear for their newest offerings. These next-gen gummies offer more than just a sweet treat: they provide a fun vehicle for supplements and even boosters like caffeine. With the global dietary supplements market projected to be valued at $220 billion by 2022, new gummy supplements are just one way for brands to get in on the action.


Chicago-based biotech-cum-CPG food startup Journey Foods offers a fruity, gummy “micro-food” snack: a fun yet nutritious treat that is packed with good-for-you ingredients. These gummy candy alternatives currently come in two formulas: Strawberry and Chia Seeds and Mango and Cayenne Spice, both of which retail for $8.95 for an 10-pack. While all consumers can purchase these gummies on Amazon or Journey Food’s site, the startup also sells its micro-food products in tech offices and hospitals. What’s more, Journey Foods is also building an A.I.-powered database called JourneyAI to compile and log ingredients that could be used for future products, an initiative that speeds up the R&D process.


Trendy luxury candy brand Sugarfina recently released gummy bears infused with actual coffee. The brand claims that these cold brew bears, which were made in collaboration with Los Angeles-based Alfred Coffee, are the very first of their kind. The bears come in three different caffeinated flavors—Cold Brew, Bourbon Cold Brew, and Iced Vanilla Latte—and each serving contains 60mg of caffeine. Sugarfina stayed true to the coffee theme and debuted two packaging options for the bears: one was designed to mimic a bag of coffee beans and a smaller size evokes an adorable iced coffee cup, straw included.


WellPath is an online customized supplement brand that focuses on mind + body wellness. The brand offers subscription supplements via a three minute online consultation for consumers, who then receive personalized supplement solutions. WellPath recently launched PURE, a premium apple cider vinegar gummy made with 500 mg of raw apple cider vinegar (ACV), beet root, pomegranate, and vitamins B9 and B12. The gummies offer all of the health benefits of ACV without the bitter taste of vinegar. WellPath claims their ACV gummies have positive health effects for consumers’ metabolism, blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular systems.