Brands continue to venture into the hospitality sector

Cassandra has found that the majority of today’s Trendsetters live to travel, with six in 10 Trendsetting youth in the U.S. and 54% in the UK attesting to this. As nontraditional brands continue to branch into hotels—as well as offer experiential and on-brand amenities—the following brands are connecting with youth through this exact passion point.


Taco Bell is expanding into the lifestyle and hospitality space with the opening of The Bell Hotel in Palm Springs, which offers consumers a full-service hotel experience that is enriched with a variety of on-brand activities. At this “tacoasis,” guests can enjoy a pool day with hot sauce floaties, dine at the hotel restaurant (which will feature brand new Taco Bell menu items), and shop for Taco Bell-branded apparel that is exclusive to the hotel’s gift shop. The Bell Hotel marks the fast food chain’s biggest move into lifestyle marketing yet, as Taco Bell focuses on its consumer experience and youth’s passion for travel.


Born from the realization that a large portion of Equinox members booked hotels based on proximity to Equinox gyms, Equinox leadership set out to create the ultimate wellness hotel that emphasizes sleep health and resting over rigorous training. The Equinox Hotel encourages guests to relax by stocking rooms with healthy snacks, magnesium-based sleep supplements, face masks to promote self-care, and other amenities. The Equinox Hotel also features a 60,000-square-foot fitness club and a saltwater lap pool for guests to enjoy. By staying at the hotel, guests can stay on top of their fitness routines and eating habits rather than sacrificing their healthy lifestyle to the demands of travel.


Nobu, the famous sushi restaurant founded by Robert DeNiro and Nobu Matsuhisa, ventured into the condo business for the first time ever, a move that comes after the brand’s existing foray into the hospitality business. The brand announced that it was building the first Nobu residence on top of an existing property in Toronto (which includes a Nobu restaurant), and is set to open in 2021. The two-tower Toronto project offers guests a mix of luxury condo units as well as high-end hotel suites. Nobu Hospitality LLC expects to net $1 billion in revenue in the next five years with this expansion into residential business.