Brands launch meat-inspired ice creams

Modern youth are known to be adventurous when it comes to their food, giving rise to a slew of new dessert trends—from condiment flavored ice cream to dessert doughs. The following brands are appealing to young consumers’ desire for unique sweet experiences with the launch of meat-inspired ice cream flavors sure to surprise their taste buds.


In response to the launch of French’s mustard flavored ice cream, Oscar Mayer collaborated with the NYC-based custom ice cream lab il laboratorio del gelato to concoct a limited-edition treat called the Ice Dog Sandwich. The frozen dessert is an odd mix of two completely new flavors—spicy dijon mustard gelato and hot dog-infused sweet cream with pieces of candied Oscar Mayer hot dog mixed in—sandwiched between two soft bun-like cookies. To spread the word about its latest creation, Oscar Mayer gave its classic Weinermobile an ice cream truck makeover and drove the streets of NYC, serving free Ice Dogs for one day only.


Steak and bourbon have long been a perfect dinner combo. With this in mind, the restaurant chain LongHorn Steakhouse took this match made in heaven and gave it a sweet twist with the launch of a limited-edition Steak & Bourbon Ice Cream. The ice cream featured LongHorn’s exclusive char seasoning and bits of savory steak. It was then topped with swirls of Jim Beam bourbon caramel sauce, whipped cream, and "steak sprinkles." As food-obsessed youth continue to seek out-of-the-box gustatory experiences, brands that can present a new take on old flavors will win favor among these adventurous eaters.


Ben & Jerry’s took the classic British dish, fish and chips, and gave it an ice cream makeover. This summer, the ice cream brand launched its Phish & Chips ice cream, available exclusively at its London Soho Scoop Shop. To make the frozen treat, the brand’s Phish Food ice cream was coated cornflake batter and deep fried, giving it the appearance of a real battered and fried piece of fish. It was served alongside salty pretzel chips, raspberry “ketchup,” and mascarpone “tartar sauce.” To make it look extra authentic, the dessert was dished up in a paper-wrapped basket, the way that fish and chip shops traditionally serve the real deal.