Brands aim for carbon-neutrality

Modern youth are passionate about pursuing zero waste on a personal level, and it follows that they hold brands to a similar—if not higher—standard. Knowing this, the following brands are aiming to go carbon neutral (if they haven't already) and introducing various initiatives to support this endeavor, essentially putting their money where their mouth is and taking meaningful action on this increasingly-dire issue.


Trendy sustainable fashion brand Reformation encourages consumers to join the brand in maintaining carbon neutrality, something Reformation accomplished in 2015. In its “Carbon is canceled” campaign, Reformation rewards customers with a $100 credit when they sign up to pay their utility bill via Arcadia Power, a renewable energy startup. Once customers sign up for Arcadia, they manage and pay their monthly bills in an efficient, Millennial-friendly interface and, in doing so, support clean wind and solar energy projects at no additional cost. While Reformation does not receive any financial gain from referring customers to Arcadia, this partnership reaffirms the brand’s commitment to permanently reducing its carbon footprint.


From its launch in 2016, the team behind Allbirds has been committed to building a sustainable sneaker brand via the use of innovative and renewable materials such as wool, eucalyptus, and sugar instead of plastics. Allbirds recently assessed its carbon footprint and found that it uses 10 kg of carbon for each pair of sneakers and that it costs 10 cents to offset this amount of carbon. To address this issue, Allbirds announced that it is launching a Carbon Fund and imposing a carbon tax on itself. One hundred percent of this self-imposed tax will go into the Carbon Fund, which is then used to plant trees, extract greenhouse gases from the air, and invest in clean energy products.


Evian is testing a collapsable water dispenser called Renew in an effort to work towards its promise to reach carbon neutrality by 2020. This new container is made with 66% less plastic than a normal Evian bottle, its dispenser is 100% recycled plastic, and the container shrinks as users drink from it. What’s more, Renew holds up to five liters of mineral water and will sync with a health and wellness app, allowing users to track their water consumption. By launching Renew, Evian hopes to meet sustainability goals as well as invite consumers into the process of collaborating on Renew’s functionality and design.