Next-gen adult toys level up

As modern youth destigmatize the conversation around sex and pleasure (with special regard to how these topics apply to female empowerment), brands are stepping up and engineering next-gen sex toys that harness modern design and future-forward tech for a highly-individualized pleasure experience.


Unbound is an inclusive sexual wellness brand with a mission to open up a dialogue around radical pleasure. Not only does Unbound sell all manner of basic sex accessories—including lube, vibrators, and toys—but the brand also offers unique jewelry that doubles as sex toys. Most recently, Unbound launched Palma, the first-of-its-kind, sculpturesque metallic ring that doubles as a vibrator. The patent-pending, haptic-technology-based ring has five different settings, including one that requires the user to tap the surface of the ring so they can create their own vibrational pattern, giving consumers the option for deeper personalization.


Last fall, Dame Products debuted Pom, a new, unusually-bendy sex toy that moves much like a human hand. Pom users have the ability to control the toy’s pressure in a way that evokes the human touch. The toy, which is reminiscent of a palm, can bend in half and offers five different patterns and five different intensities for targeted stimulation. Users can ergonomically move the Pom in many ways to experience pleasure, as opposed to traditional toys that are stiffer and more difficult to maneuver. What’s more, Pom is waterproof, so it can be used in different environments.


Luxury sex toy brand Crave encourages women to own their sexuality and de-stigmatize their pleasure and, to this end, designs sleek, high-tech sex accessories that are highly-customizable. Crave’s most recent release is the Pocket Vibe, a powerful vibrator that comes with three different silicone tips for a customizable experience. All of the brand’s toys are rechargeable via a USB cable and are both quiet and discreet. Crave also launched the Pleasure Project in 2018, a mobile 1961 Airstream vehicle that doubled as a showroom and a design studio for visitors to participate in creating their own vibrators with the brand’s “Build-A-Vibe” kit.