Brands release craft hard teas

The craft drink market is becoming ever more crowded as brands continue to develop new hybrid beverages with boozy twists, appealing to Millennials’ love for unique, boozy refreshments. As the “summer of hard seltzer” comes to a close, the following brands are carving out their stake in the beverage market and developing light, refreshing craft hard teas, delivered in the convenience of a can.


Earlier this summer, Jackie Atlas launched Wandering Whistler, the first craft alcoholic tea brand. Each flavor of the fermented, craft hard tea is thoughtfully brewed to achieve a clean, sophisticated flavor while the design of the beverage can reflects the region from which the tea originates. Wandering Whistler is akin to a hard cider, with 4.5% ABV, 120 calories, and 3-4 grams of sugar per can, and is currently available in Earl Grey and Jasmine flavors. With plans to soon add rooibos, lemon verbena, and Moroccan mint options to the lineup, Wandering Whistler is bringing the ceremonial elegance of tea drinking to the innovative world of new alcoholic hybrids.


Building off the successful release of Arnold Palmer Spiked Half & Half in 2018, MillerCoors debuted two new flavors of Arnold Palmer Spiked drinks: Arnie’s Spiked Iced Tea and Arnie’s Spiked Lemonade. Both options give consumers the freedom to enjoy their favorite flavor of the iconic half tea, half lemonade blend. To promote these new offerings, Arnie’s Spiked has been popping up at a variety of sports events and music festivals. The 24-ounce drinks are currently only sold in four test markets (Columbus, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and Albany), but will be released to national markets in the upcoming months.


This summer, Boston Beer Co. released Wild Leaf Craft Hard Tea, a line of sweet, boozy beverages brewed with tea that is grown in the Argentinian rainforest. The “fruit-infused” hard tea comes in two flavors, Black Tea with Lemon & Honeysuckle and Green Tea with Apple & Honey, and contains 4.5% ABV, 130 calories, and 11 grams of sugar. A six-pack of Wild Leaf’s 12-ounce bottles retails for $9.99, while individual 16-ounce cans cost $1.99 each.