New direct-to-consumer (DTC) toilet paper brands proliferate

As fully explored in Cassandra’s macrotrend The Direct Connection, direct-to-consumer brands (or DTCs) are winning over young consumers with their engaging new take on both marketing and product design. Now, new DTC toilet paper entrants are disrupting the bath tissue industry by offering beautifully-designed and highly-sustainable products that are better for consumers—and for the planet.


Eco-friendly bath tissue brand Bippy bills itself not as a toilet paper company, but rather as a “modern personal care brand for your butt.” Instead of using hardwood trees the way traditional toilet paper companies do, Bippy toilet paper is made from sustainable bamboo. Not only is bamboo a regenerative resource that mitigates deforestation, but Bippy’s bamboo toilet paper is actually softer and kinder to behinds. What’s more, Bippy further pushes its sustainable mission via its Tree-Free Butt Pledge where the brand plants a tree in each participant’s honor. An eight-pack of Bippy’s prettily-packaged toilet paper retails exclusively on the brand’s website for $15.99.


Peach is an upmarket, luxury bath tissue brand that offers discerning consumers a monthly subscription to Peach’s premium, plant-based, and three-ply product. Peach’s toilet paper is made in America and contains no plastic packaging, chlorine, BPAs, or other toxic chemicals. What’s more, the brand offers a dedicated concierge to assist customers when they’re on the move. This concierge is always on hand to answer all manner of questions, as well as adjust delivery dates, locations, and order sizes as needed. As modern youth give rise to the demand for such human-centric customer service that delivers personalized interactions, offerings like Peach’s concierge create emotional resonance and build brand loyalty among the brand’s young consumers.


Tushy is a direct-to-consumer modern bidet company that, in 2018, expanded its offerings to include 100% bamboo toilet paper. The product is similar to Bippy, material-wise: Tushy’s bamboo toilet paper is softer and ultimately more sustainable than traditional toilet paper. And similarly to Peach, the product is plastic- and BPA-free, making it safer for sensitive use. A one-time purchase of an eight-pack of Tushy’s toilet paper costs $24, and subscription options are available. In an already oversaturated market filled with much of the same, brands like Tushy that demonstrate innovation—whether it be through innovative materials, or the science they incorporate—will stand out to modern young consumers.