Brands create gender inclusive games and toys

Gender fluidity is a concept that modern youth are championing, prompting brands to see the importance of shifting their products to cater to these socially progressive young consumers. The following brands are focusing on removing gender stigmas and stereotypes in their respective industries to make all who want to participate in the fun and games feel welcome.


Mattel has gone beyond the world of Barbie with the release of its new line of gender inclusive dolls that truly lets kids’ imaginations run wild. Creatable World dolls are customizable, providing hairstyle and wardrobe options that give children hundreds of styling possibilities for the characters they create. The dolls were made by a team of parents, physicians, and children to ensure that everyone feels welcome to play. Mattel’s hope for these new dolls is that they will “keep labels out and invite everyone in.” With six different doll kits that come in a variety of skin tones and hair colors and textures, there’s truly something for everyone.


Hasbro’s Monopoly has gotten an extreme makeover with Ms. Monopoly, a version of the popular board game that gives women the edge. Women’s empowerment is the angle of this version of Monopoly, which looks to flip the script on gender roles and give players a taste of a world in which women receive more pay than men. The most obvious change is the introduction of a female Monopoly mascot. The rules of this game are also slightly different as female players collect $240 when they pass “go” while male competitors only receive $200. Additionally, the game features changes in purchases: instead of property, players can make investments in inventions created by women.


Sex toy brand Cute Little F*ckers prides itself on creating inclusive sex toys that serve as an “intersection of technology, activism and identity.” The brand’s four monster-shaped sex toys—Princette Puppypus, Trinity, Galh, and Starsi—have been designed to provide pleasure for all bodies. Every toy vibrates at five different speeds, is USB rechargeable, and made from silicone, while each character has its own background story, identity, and preferred pronouns. To foster dialogue around gender issues, the company has created storylines around its characters in the Cute Little F*ckers webcomic series. The series tackles different gender identity topics and issues to serve as a fun way to educate readers.