New craft kombuchas proliferate

Today’s youth, who have given rise to the modern wellness movement, turn to food and beverage as an opportunity to better themselves. One such beverage is kombucha, a fermented tea known for its unique, probiotic health properties. While this drink has been around for some time, the following brands have recently launched craft kombuchas that cater to young consumers’ desire for unique beverages with a healthy twist.


NessAlla is combining the digestive benefits of kombucha and the medicinal properties of cannabis in its new line of kombuchas. The brand, known for its thoughtfully-crafted kombucha recipes, recently released three new flavors: Butterfly Effect, Magic Matcha, and J-Hops, all of which contain non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD. The colorful brews contain 15mg of CBD per eight-ounce serving and come in 16-ounce bottles featuring hand-drawn, painted labels spotlighting NessAlla’s “booch” fairy. New products like NessAlla’s CBD-infused kombucha appeal to modern youth, who are always looking for ways to better themselves, especially through the food and beverages they consume.


Premium craft kombucha brand Better Booch got its humble start seven years ago selling its libations at Los Angeles farmers markets. The brand has since expanded to grocers throughout the west coast and parts of the Midwest and stands to grow even more with recent investment. Unlike other brands that add additional juices or sugar to flavor their tea, Better Booch contains no juice, powders, chemicals or concentrates. Instead, the small batch brewer uses just tea, organic herbs, and botanicals, as well as only the necessary amount of organic sugar to support the fermentation process. Better Booch’s mission to provide consumers natural health remedies and support preventive nutrition aligns with the values of modern youth, who are turning to food as a form of medicine.


UK-based kombucha company Equinox Kombucha recently celebrated the release of two new flavors: Espresso Coffee and Peach & Turmeric. The new coffee-based Espresso Coffee flavor is brewed using the brand’s own coffee cultures and provides a subtler kick, as the fermentation process lowers the caffeine content, while Equinox’s tea-based Peach & Turmeric flavor provides the digestive benefits of a traditionally-fermented kombucha plus the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. Both drinks are 100% organic, raw, and low-sugar, and come in fully recyclable slimline aluminum cans or bottles made of 35% recycled glass.