Next-gen seafood snacks offer consumers unique munchies

The food & beverage vertical is teeming with innovation lately, especially as more and more brands debut snacks that cater to modern youth’s dietary preferences, insistence on sustainability, and cravings for crunchy, salty munchies. The following next-gen aquatic snacks move the needle on eco-friendly and ocean-based offerings, showing that such snacks can be innovative and tasty.


Former chef Daniel Pawson developed and launched Sea Chips, a line of Pawson’s signature, handcrafted salmon skin snacks, to tackle the issue of food waste. What some saw as a discardable part of the fish, Pawson saw as nutrient-rich, protein-packed, and rather delicious snack. This summer, UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s picked up the three-flavor range of Sea Chips—which includes Lightly Salted, Salt & Vinegar, and Lime & Chili flavors—as part of Sainsbury’s Taste of the Future campaign. This Millennial-targeted initiative trials 11 new snack brand offerings for 14 weeks. Sainsbury planned to retail the best-selling brands from this concept on a longer-term basis.


Jellyfish are already eaten and enjoyed in some Asian cultures, but now, physicists in Denmark and Germany have applied basic physics concepts to the process of turning jellyfish into crispy, crunchy snacks to make snackable jellyfish more readily available to a broader range of consumers. This new process turns these gelatinous creatures into dried chips at a more rapid clip, preserving them before they spoil and making jellyfish even more viable as a snack option. With the knowledge that young consumers are seeking out alternative sources of ocean-based protein to offset the enormous carbon footprint of the beef industry, scientific advancements like these are highly exciting to this innovation-hungry cohort.


Sustainable snack brand Akua develops seaweed snacks from ocean-farmed kelp, a vitamin- and mineral-rich food source. The brand’s particular source of kelp, which comes from ocean farms in New England, saves resources, as it does not require fertilizer, feed, fresh water, or dry land to grow. What’s more, these farms filter carbon from the ocean, offsetting their carbon footprint. With this sustainable supply chain, Akua launched Kelp Jerky back in April. The better-for-you, prepackaged snack comes in three flavors—Spicy Thai & Spirulina, Rosemary & Maple BBQ, and Sesame & Nori Sea Salt—and contains 10 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber, and just a touch of maple sugar for sweetness.