Digital brands launch book clubs

As modern youth move around for opportunities and feel less attached to the places where they live, they’re joining groups and clubs that allow them to obtain a sense of community through their passions. Sensing this, the following digital brands are fostering a sense of community online, and even IRL, by launching book clubs that align with the interests and tastes of their respective audiences.


Building off the success of Michelle Obama’s video special discussing her memoir Becoming, YouTube Originals launched a book club series called BookTube. The series invites renowned authors to sit down with YouTube literary personalities to discuss their latest and greatest works. In the first episode, Malcolm Gladwell spoke with YouTube creators Derek Muller, Nai’a Perkins, Danielle Bainbridge, and Ellias Hoang about his book Talking With Strangers about how people interact with those they don’t know. Future episodes will feature the likes of Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, and Melinda Gates. This initiative resonates among modern youth, especially Millennials, who gravitate toward entertainment that’s also educational.


Eater is relaunching the Eater Book Club this month with its first book Arbitrary Stupid Goal by Tamara Shopsin. Eater’s Sonia Chopra will lead a discussion about the book, which details Shopsin’s colorful life growing up in her parent’s restaurant in Greenwich Village. The in-person event costs $10 to attend and will be held on November 19 in the Eater Test Kitchen. Guests will enjoy food from Superior Burger, drinks, and the company of other foodies from across New York. As young people seek out a sense of belonging in the places the live, branded book clubs like Eater’s provide a themed event where they can gather and connect with like-minded individuals.


Buzzfeed and Amazon have partnered up to launch Buzzfeed Book Club, an initiative that would give readers access to discounted books through Amazon’s website, as well as access to additional book content. Those participating in the online book club can join its Facebook group to share their opinions with others and tune in to interviews with authors. Members can also subscribe to the book club’s twice-monthly newsletters, which feature exclusive content from the author, as well as giveaways. Buzzfeed’s partnership with Amazon is a way for the online media company to generate another revenue stream through the rise of book clubs, which modern youth are turning to for a sense of community.