New astrology-based initiatives shoot for the stars

As reported in Cassandra’s macrotrend High Society (released in our recent Burnout Report), Millennials and Gen Zs are legitimizing astrology as a means of modern self-exploration and as a new modality of spirituality. While brands have already been tapping into this trend, the following initiatives in this Daily are applying innovative, creative thinking to this concept, even as they tap into this centuries-old study of the stars in relation to the self.


Quibi—the buzzy, highly-anticipated short-form entertainment startup that launches next spring—recently picked up Your Daily Horoscope, a daily animated horoscope series produced in part by Will Arnett. The show, which will run five days a week, stars 12 Millennial characters (representing each of the 12 zodiac signs) who get into all kinds of mischief working at a fictional tech startup called Estrella (which is Spanish for “star”). Your Daily Horoscope plays into Quibi viewers’ daily lives as well, as viewers will have access to a daily horoscope reading that simultaneously plays out in the corresponding character’s storyline each day. Such an entertainment offering will resonate with modern youth, who enjoy content that is personalized and immersive.


MSCHF, a counter-culture media and product entity that operates outside of traditional brand delineations, drops a new project every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. For MSCHF’s recent release on the fourth Tuesday of October, the firm launched Bull and Moon, an app that gives users advice on which stocks to invest in based on a user’s zodiac sign. Bull and Moon is straightforward to use (users input their first name, date of birth, and investing experience and get recommendations in return) and its interface recalls that of cult-favorite astrology apps Co—Star and The Pattern.


Pratt Institute Fashion Design alums Rachel Borghard and Mia Kazovsky co-founded Dooz, a high-end and rather discerning astrology-inspired fashion line. Dooz’s first collection (titled 2019: one) offers customers two options: the brand’s signature Céleste Bag and Sweater-T, both of which come in different colorways and with a corresponding graphic for each of the zodiac signs. The brand’s website builds a larger platform around these offerings, highlighting why certain colors correspond to certain signs and contextualizing these assertions with personal quotes from the campaign’s models, who have that sign prominently featured in their chart. Modern youth have a penchant for personalization, and offerings like Dooz help them display their uniqueness.