New CBD sparkling waters are here

The CBD trend continues its meteoric rise: brands are, to this day, finding new ways to incorporate cannabidiol into their myriad product offerings. Within the CBD sparkling water space, category-leading brands like Recess and DRAM are already gaining serious traction with consumers. Now, new entrants are breaking into this category, providing consumers with an easy and enjoyable way to dose their highly-relaxing and anxiety-relieving CBD.


The launch of Creative Waters hits multiple beverage trends: the brand offers micro-dosed sparkling water in both CBD and CBD + THC varieties, and yes—you will get high from drinking the THC-infused cans (accordingly, and due to laws regulating the sale of cannabis, the brand is only available for purchase in dispensaries in California and Nevada). The CBD-only cans contain 25mg of CBD, while the CBD + THC cans offer three different ratios of CBD to THC (dubbed Life, Balance, and Relax) to offer imbibers a choose-your-own-adventure experience. The brand is launching with three flavors: Berry Lemon, Passionfruit Tangerine Coconut, and Cucumber Lime.


Mad Tasty is a new CBD sparkling water from OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Interscope Records. The brand’s formula was developed with startup SōRSE Technology’s water-soluble CBD emulsion to retain the benefits of CBD sans the bitter aftertaste of hemp extract. Each can of Mad Tasty contains 20 mg of hemp extract and comes in two flavors: Watermelon Kiwi and Grapefruit. What’s more, the brand is committed to a cause: for every 12 oz. can sold, Mad Tasty donates 12 oz. of clean water to people and places in need through DROP4DROP. Such offerings resonate with modern youth, who prize functional ready-to-drink beverages and are happy that their dollars spent on such products go to cause-oriented initiatives.


Columbus, Ohio-based CBD sparkling water brand W*nder taps into youth’s penchant for better-for-you sparkling beverages. With 20 mg of CBD per can, as well as additional functional and adaptogenic ingredients, the brand fits nicely in a landscape that includes similar offerings like Recess and Dram. But W*nder differentiates itself from more-established entrants in that the brand is a regional play: W*nder will retail in Ohio specifically because the market for these types of beverages there is still in its nascency. The brand will launch with four flavors: Breakfast Club, Born to Run, Fast Times, and Night Moves, each containing corresponding adaptogens that complement the corresponding thematic flavor.