Next-gen plant-based ice creams level up

As 2019 winds to a close, sustainability and healthier eating habits are at the forefront of both brand initiatives and consumer priorities. It follows that brands are looking to evolve their products as consumers rethink their own practices to save the planet and nourish themselves in the process. Recently, next-gen plant-based ice creams are proliferating in service of both of these principles, catering to modern dietary preferences without compromising taste.


The battle to get children to finish their veggies before they can eat dessert is addressed via ice cream startup Peekaboo’s latest offering: a vegetable-infused ice cream. Peekaboo’s founder Jessica Levison wanted to find a way to add nutritional value to her kids’ favorite dessert and make eating vegetables a joy in the process. Peekaboo adds completely “undetectable” vegetables into its pints, offering interesting flavor combinations such as Strawberry with Hidden Carrots, Mint Chocolate Chip with Hidden Spinach, and Chocolate with Hidden Cauliflower. Peekaboo’s pints can be purchased on the brand's website or in grocery retailers across the US.


San Francisco-based Eclipse is less a vegan ice cream brand than an alternative dairy platform. The startup currently formulates dairy-free, vegan ice cream with recreated casein micelles, which mimic the molecular structure of real dairy. Using the resulting non-dairy “milk” as a base, Eclipse has partnered with select ice cream shops to debut a variety of uniquely-flavored offerings, including a cherry-miso and an olive-oil roasted plum with New York’s beloved OddFellows Ice Cream Co. Eclipse doesn’t plan on stopping at ice cream: the startup aims to create alternative dairy products for a slew of other popular dairy-based foods, including cheese and sour cream.


Baskin Robbins recently released two new flavors of ice cream, both of which are vegan and non-dairy. The flavors—Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme—are formulated with a blend of almond butter and coconut oil, natural ingredients that make the plant-based ice cream super creamy. The flavors were made available at all locations back in August and the brand has promised more vegan options will be added to its lineup in the near future to offer guests and consumers increased options in a plant-based dessert space that is only poised for continued growth.