Non-CBD brands launch CBD products

CBD has seen quite a boom, and the trend trajectory of the hemp-derived chemical is soaring. What’s more, and as reported in Cassandra’s Q3 Burnout Report macrotrend High Society, one in five U.S. Trendsetters and one in 10 in the UK smoke or eat marijuana when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. This green rush is fueling the continued growth of the adjacent CBD market, and non-CBD brands are getting in on the action.


Direct-to-consumer mattress startup Casper partnered with cannabidiol company Plus to formulate a line of sleep-aiding, CBD-infused gummies. The resulting PLUS sleep gummies retail on Plus’ website for $40 for a tin containing 14 blackberry- and chamomile-flavored gummies (however, the product label no longer mentions Casper at the time of this publication). Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of CBD along with one milligram of melatonin to promote relaxation and purportedly lead to a more restful sleep. This initiative is seen as part of Casper’s larger efforts to view and address sleep health holistically in order to become “the Nike of sleep,” a goal that was shared in The New York Times’ profile of the company.


Popular Juniors fashion retailer American Eagle recently launched MOOD, a line of highly-affordable yet fashionable wellness products containing CBD. MOOD boasts dozens of CBD-infused products, including bath soaks, body lotions, lip balms, and hand creams, all of which come in gender-neutral packaging to make the products accessible to both male and female consumers. Nothing is priced over $20, making MOOD one of the most accessible CBD offerings on the market. With this offering, American Eagle demonstrates continued understanding of its modern, stylish, wellness-curious, and adventurous young customer.


Edible Brands—which owns Edible Arrangements, the franchise that sells giftable fruit-and-flower baskets—is cashing in on the CBD craze. Later this year the firm will launch a line of CBD treats under the moniker Incredible Edibles, which will be sold in Edible Arrangements retail locations, as well as online. What’s more, the company will open a dedicated Incredible Edibles store next year to offer customers an even more immersive touchpoint to its line of CBD products, including a proprietary full-spectrum, hemp-based, and non-psychoactive CBD powder, which will be the store’s initial product offering.