Check out these low- and no-alcohol beer initiatives

Cassandra has found that 37% of Trendsetter Gen Ys in the U.S. are interested in drinking healthier alcoholic beverages, and as youth continue to seek out UnWasted Time, they’re cutting back on booze and even refraining from drinking altogether. Enter Dry January: this cultural phenomenon is dovetailing with youths' wider interest in drinking less, and the following brands are capitalizing on this through new offerings and initiatives.


Just in time for Dry January, Heineken re-released a limited-edition pack of Heineken 0.0, the brand’s non-alcoholic beer. While Heineken launched the actual product within the U.S. a year ago, the brand marketed this re-release as a ‘January Dry Pack’ (complete with the tagline “the perfect resolution solution”) in order to capture consumers who are embarking on a month of sobriety to kick off the new year. The January Dry Pack case contains 31 cans of Heineken 0.0—one for every day of January, so that imbibers can mark the passage of time until they can drink again come February.


Molson Coors Beverage Co. tapped actor Nicholas Braun (of HBO’s critical hit Succession) to promote Miller64 as a viable beverage for those considering a “Dry-ish January.” In the resulting video campaign, Braun brings attention to Miller64’s low alcohol and calorie content to underscore the drink’s appeal for consumers who are curious about the concept of cutting back on alcohol but don’t want to fully commit to Dry January. The campaign launched at the end of December and will continue to run on social media for the rest of January.


Last fall, Anheuser-Busch InBev launched a non-alcoholic beer called Budweiser 0.0 in India, where the market for non-alcoholic beer is still in its nascency. This play comes a few years after AB InBev rolled out its 0% ABV Budweiser Prohibition Brew to western markets, including Canada, the U.S., and the UK, where the demand for low- and no-alcohol beverages (along with a movement towards sober socializing) has been growing. As of this launch, Budweiser 0.0. retails across multiple cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, as well as the state of Gujarat, which is a dry state.