Brands launch new subscription beverage services

From cars to furniture to clothing, the modern subscription service model is lowering the barrier to entry across verticals. The following brands are now applying this format to beverages, giving customers access to their favorite drinks with the convenience and affordability that modern youth desire.


Coca-Cola has launched a new subscription service called Coca-Cola Insiders Club, giving fans of the fizzy beverage brand access to over 20 new flavors before they’re released to the public. The six-month membership costs $10 per month, and subscribers will receive three new beverages right to their doorstep, including offerings like Coca-Cola’s new Aha flavored sparkling water and its Energy line. The beverage brand will track sales and social media engagement around the new subscription service before expanding the service beyond the first six-month trial. The first 1,000 memberships sold out within hours, proving the brand’s right to play in the subscription space.


Burger King coffee lovers can now get their daily caffeine fix for only $5 a month. The fast food brand recently launched the BK Café Coffee Subscription, available exclusively through its app, which gives customers one cup of Burger King coffee per day for 30 days. While other coffee brands charge as much as $5 for a single coffee drink, Burger King’s subscription members can potentially have 30 cups for the value of one, democratizing access to the beloved beverage. Unfortunately for fans of Burger King’s iced coffee or specialty drinks, the subscription only applies to hot coffee.


Singapore-based ride-hailing app Grab is tapping into Millennials’ love for elevated food experiences, as well as their penchant for subscription services—a model which increases access and affordability to the brands and products those in this cohort prize. The app has partnered with beverage brands to launch the Bubble Tea Club, a monthly bubble tea subscription service that gives customers discounts at their favorite bubble tea shops. For S$9, Singaporean Grab users can purchase five S$3 discount vouchers through the Grab app, which are redeemable at bubble tea purveyors like Gong Cha, LiHO, Woobee, and iTea. By tapping into this trendy beverage, Grab hopes to grow its number of Millennial users and enhance their experiences.