Brands launch immersive experiences to highlight sustainability

Young people are worried about the state of the future, especially when it comes to the environment. The following brands are launching experiences that merge creativity and sustainability in order to align themselves with the values of their young consumers.


To highlight their continued commitment to sustainability, Adidas partnered with tech company eyecandylab to create an augmented reality experience that ran for six weeks during the holiday season at their Champs-Élysées flagship location in Paris. Customers entering the store could use the Adidas app to access the Ocean World AR experience that, when triggered by TV screens placed throughout the store, transported them to the depths of the plastic-filled ocean. Users could tap and collect the pieces of plastic and watch them break down into microscopic particles, which were then transformed into shoes from Adidas’ latest collection.


Last year, Ketel One partnered with creative lifestyle company Bourne & Hollingsworth to open the Ketel One Espresso Martini Garden, an indoor garden pop-up in London. The month-long experience sought to promote sustainability by educating visitors on how they can recycle used coffee grounds, turning them into compost rather than just throwing them away. Those passing through the indoor garden could order a Bourne & Hollingsworth espresso martini and feel good knowing that the grounds from their beverage would be turned into compost for the indoor garden or donated to UpCircle, a natural and organic skincare brand, to be used in their products.


MINI Asia collaborated with the creative agency Kinetic to design the Extraorddinary sustainability trail to increase awareness around eco-friendly alternatives. The trail was lined with colorfully-named displays that were set up in Chinatown. Trail goers could stop by the Pineapple Trading Store to learn about Piñatex (a cloth fiber made from pineapple), visit Soup for the Eco-Soul to see Chinese medicinal soup ingredients packed in Evoware (a seaweed-based plastic packaging alternative), or gaze upon the Guardians of the Future gate, which featured Imperial lions made from Myotech (a stone alternative made from mushroom roots). The immersive experience highlighted technologies that are helping the world in its race toward zero waste, an issue that’s important to today’s youth.