Brands launch wellness- and beauty-focused supplements

As young consumers seek new avenues to augment their health—and with it, improve the quality and longevity of their life—brands in the wellness space and outside of it are launching supplements to aid youth in this quest for betterment. The global beauty supplements segment was valued at $2,451.2 million in 2018, and is expected to grow to $3,721.6 million by 2027, leaving the vertical ripe for continued growth and future offerings.


Wellness and lifestyle media platform mindbodygreen prides itself on providing a 360-degree approach to wellness. To that end, the publisher recently launched its own line of branded nutritional supplements. The mindbodygreen supplements+ line was developed in partnership with Thorne to offer users four comprehensive wellness formulas that are ultimately intended to help consumers streamline their overfull supplement regimes and get back to basics. The line includes nr+ (for cellular beauty), hemp multi+ (a blend of hemp extract and botanicals meant to soothe the nervous system), magnesium+ (for restorative sleep), and probiotic+ (to beat bloating and aid in digestion). What’s more, each supplement is packaged with true eco-consciousness in mind.


Early last year, debranded e-commerce startup Brandless made a play in the wellness world. The company launched 15 wellness products that include superfood powders, an herbal cleanse kit, gummy vitamins, essential oils, and supplements. The supplement range targets skin, nail, and hair health, and contains affordable formulas that retail for $9-$18. For consumers looking for a gut health reset, Brandless also sells a bundle that includes probiotics, a cleanse, and a digestive formula to boost immune and gut health. All of Brandless’ wellness products are vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.


Mega retailer Walmart teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown to launch her line of gummies, powders, teas, and supplements in Walmart stores and online. The line, called EVOLUTION_18, is an affordable supplement brand that aims to simplify the world of wellness for female consumers. The range consists of 10 products, all of which retail for under $20. Brown’s favorite product from the line is the Beauty Superfood Powder, which boasts a blend of 30 different fruits and veggies that nourish the microbiome and afford consumers glowing skin.