Couples are saying ‘I do’ to modern wedding registries

As Vox so aptly posits, “There’s a lot of money in weddings; there’s been a lot of money lost in wedding startups. Why is it so hard to disrupt the wedding industrial complex?” While some wedding startups may have had difficulty achieving staying power in the recent past, the following entities are tackling a specific area of the industry that needs a modern refresh: the wedding registry. In honing their focus and their offerings, these startups are gaining traction within the industry.


Zola takes the cake (pun intended) when it comes to wedding planning needs. The startup, which boasts a $650 million valuation, offers users the ability to centralize all of their pre-wedding planning and information, allowing couples to create their own wedding website, invitations, and gift registry directly through Zola. Recently, Zola is making a play for the end-to-end marriage experience: the company is extending its services beyond the wedding itself with Honeymoons, a new offering that pairs couples with travel experts to plan their dream honeymoon. Honeymoons will allow newlyweds to plan and build itineraries, book flights and hotels, and raise money to fund their adventure.


Honeyfund modernizes the typical wedding registry by allowing couples who might prioritize experiences or larger investments over typical wedding gifts to crowdfund larger purchases for their new life together, whether that’s their honeymoon, a down payment on their home, or even the wedding itself. Couples who sign up for Honeyfund link their bank account to their registry, allowing their friends and family to directly deposit them money (along with an accompanying personal note). What’s more, couples can itemize parts of their honeymoon on Honeyfund so that guests can pick and choose exactly what they’re gifting newlyweds.


Annabelle Moehlmann founded wedding gift e-commerce store and registry platform Land of Belle to service couples who want elevated, globally-sourced home goods that boast an old-world aesthetic but still fit with their modern tastes. To this end, Land of Belle carries items (or “treasures,” as they’re more likely to be described) from artisans and brands based all across the globe. Moehlmann describes a Land of Belle registry as incorporating “livable glamour;” perfect for modern, worldly couples who might prioritize travel and crave exquisite curation. The site also offers a consulting service to help couples ensure their Land of Belle gift and registry choices are cohesive and will seamlessly fit into their new homes.