Youth on IWD

Youth in the Cassandra Collective share their thoughts on #IWD

We asked youth in our Cassandra Collective about International Women’s Day, which is Sunday, March 8th. As discourse around feminism has never been more relevant or accessible to young people—especially as Zs of all genders are proudly reclaiming feminism and leading the charge to improve women’s position in society—we thought subscribers might like to hear about how youth feel about IWD, how they see brands getting involved in this social cause, and who they think of when they recall an inspiring female (spoiler: many respondents said their mother!)

Photo by Josh Howard


What are your thoughts on International Women’s Day?

“I think it's nice but not enough. I'd prefer taking action rather than being recognized. I think it starts the conversation and that's great!”

How do you feel about brands championing International Women’s Day?

“Great! But would love to know what they are doing to make a difference rather than just posting an Instagram to recognize the holiday.”

Please tell us about a woman (past/present) you find inspiring. How does she inspire you?

“My mother. She goes above and beyond for everyone in her life. Even if her friends don’t give as much to their friendship, my mom still goes above and beyond for them. My mom would do anything for her loved ones.”

Cassandra Insight:

Gen Zs are highly pragmatic, which means that for this cohort, actions speak louder than words. Brands need to make sure that they’re not just paying lip-service to a cause: but that they’re demonstrating actionable involvement that moves the needle.


What are your thoughts on International Women’s Day?

“I think it's an important day to honor women and the current challenges we still face in a male-dominated society.”

How do you feel about brands championing International Women’s Day?

“I think it's ok in general, but really off-putting if the brand/company in question has ongoing harassment/discrimination that they are not actively working to change.”

Cassandra Insight:

Millennials care when brands champion causes, but they care more when those causes are reflected in the company’s culture and internal values, because today’s youth believe that real, measured change comes from the inside-out.


What are your thoughts on International Women’s Day?

“It is important to support equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender.”

How do you feel about brands championing International Women’s Day?

“It only makes sense, as generally half of their customers could be women.”

Please provide an example of a brand championing International Women’s Day for 2020.

Apple [is celebrating] International Women's Day by highlighting apps, TV shows, podcasts and more made by women.”

Cassandra Insight:

Zs, who grew up alongside the wider cultural discussion around gender roles, are more interested in championing empowerment for everyone, not just one specific gender. What’s more, David’s comment about brands and IWD again speaks to this generation's characteristic pragmatism and realism: Zs realize that brands getting behind social causes like IWD can think practically, even as they’re acting altruistically.

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