Brands launch initiatives encouraging consumers to go outside

While youth’s obsession with technology has risen—with new devices and apps constantly calling for their attention—so too has their desire to disconnect and enjoy the great outdoors. Time spent in nature is being recognized for its physical and mental health benefits, especially by modern youth who often feel obligated by the demands of technology. The following brands launched campaigns that encourage consumers to take a break from tech and explore nature.


To encourage women across the UK to enjoy nature and help them improve their health and well-being, cosmetics brand Liz Earle partnered with Go Jauntly, a community-based walking app that allows users to discover different walking routes in their city. Through the app, Liz Earle launched a series of twelve walking routes around different cities in the UK, including London, Isle of Wight, Nottingham, Bath, and Edinburgh. Nine of twelve walks have accompanying audio commentary from Liz Earle ambassador and ethnobotanist James Wong, who educates listeners on the plants they might encounter along their route.


Eddie Bauer recently launched a new program called All Outside to promote diversity in the outdoor recreation industry. All Outside is an advocacy group that partners with community activists to help break down the social and cultural barriers preventing underrepresented people from participating in outdoor recreation. Some of All Outside’s community activists include Perry Cohen of The Venture Out Project, Jenny Bruso of Unlikely Hikers, and Nailah Blades of Color Outside. Eddie Bauer will partner with these community leaders on all levels—from in-store workshops to product initiatives to group adventure outings—to help them reach people within their communities and spread the love of the outdoors to all.


The North Face wants to help today’s digitally-obsessed consumers put down their devices and get outdoors. Last year, the outdoor recreation brand launched a campaign called Explore Mode, partnering with musicians, artists, culinary influencers, and organizations around the world to host a week-long series of experiences encouraging people to unplug and engage in their IRL surroundings. The week culminated on Earth Day; The North Face closed all of its stores to allow employees to get out of the office, off of their devices, and into nature. The brand also launched a Change.org petition to make Earth Day a national holiday so that everyone could enjoy the outdoors.