Petcare gets a dose of CBD

As Millennials continue to self-medicate their burnout, cannabidiol products have been a go-to staple to relieve anxiety. Recently, the launch of hemp-based supplements designed for pets means that man’s best friend can now also experience the natural benefits of CBD. These products, which range from chewables to oils to CBD-infused peanut butter, work to mitigate physical and mental ailments found in cats, dogs, and even horses.


Hempvet is a Vermont-based animal supplement brand that utilizes hemp from the marijuana plant to treat pets. The brand has a range of products that work to improve an animal’s overall health and wellness. Soft chews (for both cats and dogs) are the brand’s staple item, and they're formulated to help lower anxiety and improve immunity, brain function, and joint movement. Hempvet formulator Dr. Gary Pusillo has previously used his expertise in animal diets to treat fifteen Kentucky Derby horse race winners, giving the brand’s recent leap into horse products nothing to say “neigh” about.


Pet Releaf is a leader in CBD hemp health for pets. The brand is releasing a new professional line of products with therapeutic potencies that are to be distributed by veterinarians. These products are designed for animals with more severe ailments that would benefit from a higher level of CBD. Pet owners can look to recommended Pet Releaf products as a natural treatment alternative before turning to pharmaceuticals with potentially harmful side effects. The new line includes essential oil capsules, liposomes, and CBD syringes, and offers formulations for dogs and cats.


Honest Paws creates a wide range of CBD-infused products that help animals live happier and healthier lives. The brand recently updated its products to keep up with pets’ needs, splitting the offerings into more personalized need categories: Wellness, Calm, Relief, and Mobility. Honest Paws is also adding a CBD topical balm treatment to their current lineup of bites, oils, soft chews, and treats, including coconut oil and peanut butter. Products are mostly catered to dogs and cats, although tinctures for horses will be available in April.