New twists on snack nuts hit the market

Health-conscious Millennials continue to be #blessed by the recent influx of nutritious snacks that have been proliferating. To wit, brands are revamping the humble nut, making this healthy snack choice even more appealing with trendy flavors (think matcha and turmeric), new formats, and a renewed emphasis on the mighty health benefits contained in these small snacks.


Karma Nuts offers consumers an award-winning “wrapped cashew,” which is essentially a cashew nut that is dry roasted in its natural skin—no oil necessary. This technique leaves the cashews with twice the fiber, comparable antioxidative activity to blueberries, and a higher count of zinc, magnesium, and other essential vitamins and minerals. Karma Nuts recently released three trendy new flavors including Golden Turmeric (which is wrapped), Cocoa Dusted (also wrapped), and a Sweet Matcha (which is more traditionally roasted). In total, Karma Nuts offers 11 unique flavors of its cashews, all of which are available in either 8 oz jars or 1.5 oz pouches designed for snacking on-the-go.


A company called Barùkas is introducing snackers to the baru nut, which hails from Brazil and has been touted as “the healthiest nut in the world.” While consumers might not have heard of this nut, Barùkas prides itself on making baru nuts more widely accessible, especially as the baru nut represents an opportunity to both reforest the planet and sustain the indigenous communities who grow the Baruzeiro trees that produce the nut. To this end, the brand pledges to plant a tree in the wild for every five pounds of Barùkas that are sold. Conscious snackers will also be happy to hear that baru nuts contain six grams of plant-based protein per serving and 25% fewer fat calories than other nuts.


Macadamia company Milkadamia, which makes macadamia nut milk and creamer alternatives, launched a first-of-its-kind spreadable butter alternative that remains solid at room temperature but melts when needed. The plant-based spread is formulated with a blend of macadamia nut, coconut, and canola oils, and comes in salted and unsalted varieties. Be on the lookout for more nut-based spreads and products going forward, especially as Whole Foods gave these spreads (and Milkadamia itself) a shoutout in its top food trends for 2020.