Luxury brands tap into ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is a euphoric, tingling sensation created by certain sounds (and sometimes visuals). An entire community dedicated to producing content designed to trigger ASMR thrives on YouTube, among other social platforms. Brands have been experimenting with the feel-good sensation through their marketing campaigns for some time now, but recently luxury brands are the latest entities to tap into this entertainment trend.


Louis Vuitton stans can now subscribe to the brand’s newest YouTube series, called LV TV, to consume even more of the editorial and behind-the-scenes branded content they crave. One episode of the series features Riverdale actress Madelaine Petsch, who created ASMR content for viewers using handbags and shoes from Louis Vuitton’s 2020 Cruise collection. The video includes tapping, scratching, whispering, and a few lighthearted jokes poking fun at the tingly art of ASMR. The episode also includes an interview with Petsch, footage of the brand’s 2020 Cruise show, and a few fun bloopers.


Gucci entered the tingly world of ASMR via a campaign designed to highlight its Ace Sneaker, which is one of the brand’s most popular items. Gucci invited creatives to take inspiration from the sneaker in order to produce multimedia art for the second installment of #24HourAce, the brand's Instagram-based project that it conceived to celebrate the shoe. Many of the creatives utilized the artistry of ASMR in the content they subsequently produced. All posts for the project have the hashtag #GucciASMR to house all of the stimulating, artistic content in one space.


Coach generated excitement for its Spring/Summer 2020 New York Fashion Week pop-up “The Coach Originals” with some brand-right ASMR content on its Instagram, which included visuals and sounds around the brand’s vintage bags, other offerings, and product construction processes. One video even shows a vintage leather bag being washed by hand. This particular video was the perfect plug for the pop-up’s on-site restoration and cleaning service, even as it provided viewers a deeply relaxing audio/visual experience.