Prebiotic sodas offer a fun and delicious way to boost digestive health

The market for better-for-you beverages only continues to expand as today’s youth, who gave rise to the modern wellness movement, seek out functional drinks that offer health benefits and a delicious way to slake their thirst. The following brands continue to build out this exciting new space with their offerings: prebiotic “sodas,” crafted with apple cider vinegar or functional botanicals, that hit a sweet spot for health-conscious consumers.


Poppi is a functional prebiotic soda that boasts apple cider vinegar as its headlining ingredient, giving the beverage major gut health benefits. Back in late 2018, Poppi’s co-founders Allison and Stephen Ellsworth nabbed a $400,000 deal on Shark Tank to expand all things Poppi, which at the time was branded as Mother Beverage. (They’ll actually be back on ABC's Shark Tank this Friday, April 3, at 8pm EST.) Today, Poppi offers seven delicious flavors (including Orange, Lime Ginger, Strawberry Lemon, Raspberry Rose, Blueberry, Pineapple Mango, and Peach Tea), each of which are formulated with fresh fruit juice and the aforementioned ACV to boost gut health while maintaining Poppi’s positioning as a better-for-you yet bubbly beverage. To wit, each can of Poppi boasts only 20 calories and four to five grams of sugar.


California-based prebiotic beverage brand Olipop is billed as a healthy alternative to sugar-laden sodas. The brand’s four flavors—Classic Root Beer, Strawberry Vanilla, Vintage Cola, and Ginger Lemon—each contain a range of eight plant-based botanicals and 9g of dietary fiber, offering sweet-toothed consumers serious digestive health benefits that aren’t usually found in sweet, sparkling drinks. Olipop recently raised a $10 million Series A funding round (following a $2.5 million seed round back in early 2019), which will be put toward expanding the brand’s sales and marketing efforts, and continuing product innovation.


Design agency Here Studio is relaunching Vina, a sparkling apple cider vinegar beverage. The drink is getting a slight makeover from its original brand positioning as a vinegar-forward still tonic: each can of Vina still contains 1 oz. of apple cider vinegar per can, but the acidity of the vinegar is balanced with sweeter fruit-forward flavors, along with a total packaging redesign. Vina’s current flavors include Honey, Lemon Ginger, Orange Turmeric, Raspberry Lime, and Tart Cherry Rooibos. Like Poppi, Vina’s ACV-based beverage boasts major health benefits, especially with regards to digestion.