Tableware gets an eco-friendly redesign

Reducing waste is a priority for many young consumers as they participate in the Race to Zero and strive to implement more eco-friendly practices into their everyday lives. Now, homeware brands, realizing they have an opportunity in this space, are launching sustainable, reusable tableware lines made from compostable, plastic-free materials. Check out these plastic-free sets, which deliver diners a zero-waste eating experience.


Innovative and sustainable tableware brand Repurpose recently launched a new line of products, called Reusables, and kicked off the debut with dinner sets for children. Repurpose’s CEO and founder Lauren Gropper was inspired to create a stylish yet sustainable product line for her own kids, as well as other families who were looking for a safer alternative to toxic, traditional plastic plates and cups. The Repurpose Reusable kid’s dinner set includes a tray, plate, bowl, and cup, is made entirely of plants (indeed, the set is formulated with corn, beet, cassava, and bamboo plant fibers), and is completely microwave-safe. When selecting a Reusable dinner set, customers can choose from four lovely colorways, titled Bluegrass, Lotus, Iris, and Fern. These non-toxic sets are free from BPAs, phthalates, PVC, and PBDEs, keeping kids healthy and safe while they nourish themselves.


WASARA’s compostable paper tableware was designed with a combination of sustainability, elegant aesthetic, and Japanese cultural influence in mind. This disposable tableware set comes with a series of plates, platters, bowls, tumblers, cups, and cutlery, all of which are entirely made from tree-free bamboo and bagasse (which is sugarcane fiber leftover after the sugarcane is drained of juice). WASARA’s tableware is 100% compostable, meaning it’s designed for one-time use, and the tableware itself is aesthetically unique: each item evokes the surface texture of handmade Japanese paper.


Home and lifestyle goods designer Xenia Taler has her own line of eco-friendly tableware, crafted from bamboo that has been discarded by industrial manufacturers. Taler’s creative process begins with scraps of bamboo, sourced from various furniture and chopstick manufacturers’ discards, and ends with beautiful, whimsical, and repurposed tableware that’s durable, dishwasher safe, and free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Taler’s tableware was designed with outdoor entertaining in mind (think picnics, poolsides, and parties) and the line’s patterns evoke that, visually.