CBD-infused ice cream offers consumers a sweet, stress-relieving treat

Perhaps no product perfectly represents the intersection of youths’ foodie tendencies and their desire to self-medicate (particularly in response to their burnout) like CBD-infused ice cream. We’ve reported how CBD has been incorporated into everything from sparkling beverages and beauty products to pet food and even activewear, and now, the following sweet treats offer consumers a twisty sugar buzz, even as the CBD purportedly lends the ice cream calming, anti-anxiety, and overall anti-inflammatory properties.


Ben & Jerry’s is exploring the possibility of adding CBD to its ice cream, pending cannabidiol’s legalization across all 50 states. (The FDA is currently conducting a comprehensive evaluation of such products, as a prescription epilepsy medication containing CBD is, as of right now, the only CBD product currently approved by the FDA.) The Vermont-based company has already taken the first step: it’s submitted an official comment intending to explore this possibility further ahead of a public hearing on the legalization of CBD, and has promised to use sustainably-sourced and local CBD from Vermont-based cannabidiol brands if it gets the green light on this initiative. In the meantime, Ben & Jerry’s has already posted a mockup of a “CBD TBD” ice cream pint on Instagram.


Brooklyn-based artisanal ice cream company Van Leeuwen debuted a fun new flavor that surely speaks to all consumers who are currently quarantining themselves amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand’s vegan Couch Potato ice cream consists of a potato chip base that is dotted with salty snacks (chocolate covered pretzels and roasted peanuts, to be precise) and a sweet swirl of caramel and marshmallow. If these ingredients aren’t enough to nab your attention, maybe the five milligrams of Plant People’s high-performance CBD per scoop will.


Florida’s Heavenly Hash Creamery was founded by a former oncology nurse whose aim was to offer healthful, CBD-infused desserts to patients suffering with chronic disease. That said, founder and CEO Susan Scherer doesn’t mind democratizing access to such desserts, and has even said she hopes it will help veterans mitigate their struggle with PTSD. HHC’s gourmet ice cream comes in seven flavors (including French vanilla, creamy cocoa, mango, mint chocolate chip, lemon blueberry, strawberry swirl and salted caramel), contains either 20, 40, or 60 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD oil, and is high in protein and fat to help patients keep weight on, aiding in their healing process.