Check out these TikTok trends in an era of quarantine

TikTok, which was previously already demonstrating astronomical growth, is experiencing a new boom amongst global citizens under lockdown. The app’s seemingly-limitless enjoyment factor is feeding consumers literally and metaphorically, especially with the most recent proliferation of recipes and entertainment, which offer a distraction from the new reality of life under Covid-19. Check out some of these TikTok trends below.


Coffee enthusiasts are making their morning quarantine routines a bit more enjoyable (and more Instagrammable) with whipped dalgona coffee. Thanks to traction from TikTok, this South Korean trend has quickly taken over the globe. Created with just four simple ingredients, this lusciously thick and frothy two-layer drink is as delicious as it is aesthetically pleasing. The “whipped coffee” portion consists of just instant coffee, sugar, and hot water, all of which are whisked together until the coffee mixture becomes super thick. Next, this mixture is ladled over a glass of milk (of the drinker’s choosing) and ostensibly photographed to capture the unique concoction.


Without Coachella, Stagecoach, and a whole host of concerts, fans are missing out on the live music experiences they crave during this pandemic. To help fans bring the entertainment they're missing into their homes, TikTok recently hosted a live streaming series called #HappyAtHome: Live! for its users. The five-day music and entertainment event featured 30-minute performances by today’s top talent, including Megan Thee Stallion, Yungblud, and more. With this event, TikTok aimed to afford fans “some genuine comfort and connection in a very isolating moment in time.” Additional celebrity content was also made available on the platform.


In China, nightclubs are hosting digital dance and music events known as “cloud raves.” With millions of people still under quarantine, these events are live-streamed on platforms like Kuaishou or Douyin, China’s version of TikTok. These events feature famous DJ performances (live or pre-recorded) and even require cover charges. Clubbers can comment and chat with each other throughout the events, providing them a sense of community. Over two million people attended a single one of these events back in February, demonstrating that these online clubs are certainly all the rage.