Extra virgin olive oil and chocolate prove a heavenly combo

Oil and water don’t mix, but olive oil and chocolate are proving to be a match made in heaven. Artisanal chocolate bars crafted with high-quality extra virgin olive oil (or EVOO) are proliferating, offering consumers a smoothly-sweet and chocolaty treat that boasts an impressive dose of heart-healthy antioxidants and polyphenols from the addition of authentic and often small-batch extra virgin olive oil.


Katerina and Kostas Mountanos launched Kosterina to bring authentic Greek olive oil—along with its exceptionally high-quality taste and health benefits—to U.S. consumers. Kosterina’s Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from early-harvest, cold-pressed olives, meaning the oil contains higher antioxidant levels, which can lower inflammation. Kosterina has also released a line of dark chocolate bars formulated with Kosterina Original EVOO. The bars come in three flavors—Almond Butter & Vanilla, Nuts, Cinnamon & Honey, and Fig & Balsamic—and are made with organic coconut sugar instead of traditional white sugar. The powerful polyphenols in Kosterina’s Original EVOO boost the antioxidants naturally found in dark chocolate, giving chocolate connoisseurs a guilt-free—but still sweet—treat.


Celebrated American chef, restaurateur, and writer Thomas Keller teamed up with Tuscan olive oil maker Armando Manni to create the ultimate olive oil chocolate bar. Keller and Manni spent five years researching and developing the decadent yet healthy chocolate bar, putting special focus on direct-sourcing cacao beans that are processed with delicate techniques to ensure that the antioxidant properties of the beans are protected throughout their processing. When married with antioxidant-rich EVOO, the resulting K+M Extra-Virgin Chocolate bars exemplify a high-quality, health-forward treat. Chocolate aficionados can purchase this decadent confection exclusively from Williams Sonoma.


Vezorla Craft Chocolate is a dark bar of chocolate formulated with six percent extra virgin olive oil that has been imported straight from founder Veronica Guirado’s family-run Andalusian olive grove. The heart-healthy and slightly-bitter chocolate is more akin to crafted, edible art than a sugary snack: the making of Vezorla’s Craft Chocolate is overseen by local artisans who are deeply involved in every step of the process, from paste to packaging.