Crispy skin snacks provide a healthier alternative to the classic potato chip

Consumers are enjoying the spoils of a healthy snack renaissance, which we cover quite often in this newsletter. One such new snack offering is ‘skin snacks,’ crunchy and chip-like snacks that are made from crisped poultry or seafood skins. (Some brands also offer a vegan take on this idea for those who don’t eat meat but still want to enjoy such a snack.) These ready-to-eat munchies pack a surprising amount of protein into such a small and easy-to-enjoy offering and hit that salty sweet spot for consumers who crave a crunchy snack.


Goodfish offers consumers a healthy and delicious snack that is made entirely out of Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon skin, capitalizing on an innovative upcycling opportunity for a part of salmon that often gets wasted. Each bag of Goodfish contains 90 calories, 7 grams of protein, 800 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, and zero carbs, making Goodfish a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips, and moreover, one that boasts potential benefits for energy levels, brain function, and skin radiance. Goodfish offers four flavors of this keto- and paleo-friendly snack: Sea Salt, Chili Lime, Spicy Barbecue, and Tart Cranberry.


The Naked Market, a CPG startup that creates socially conscious healthy food brands, launched Flock rotisserie chicken ‘chips’ just last year. Flock chicken chips are made from only two ingredients—premium chicken skins and seasonings—and are packed with flavor, as well as absent of the unhealthy qualities usually found in similarly crunchy snacks. The crispy chicken chips are keto—they’re high in protein, but low in carbs—and come in three flavors: Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Barbecue. While consumers can certainly enjoy this snack straight from the bag, they can also use Flock’s chips as a salad topping or crunchy charcuterie plate addition. What’s more, conscious snackers will appreciate that their purchase of this snack goes towards Flock’s mission to support Heifer’s Flock of Chicks program, which provides impoverished families with both chickens and the training needed to build their flock of donated chicks into an income-generating food source.


Snacklins are a vegan take on classic pork rind snacks. The brand was created by Samy Kobrosly, a first-generation American Muslim who grew up in the Midwest and didn’t consume pork. When developing Snacklins, Kobrosly found a way to mimic the taste and texture of traditional cracklins with mushrooms, onions, and yuca instead of pork skin. Each bag clocks in at 80 calories and comes in four flavors: Chesapeake Bay, BBQ, Nacho, and Miso Ginger. Right now, and for every special edition variety 9-pack of Snacklins purchased, the brand will donate $5 toward Covid-19 relief efforts.