Waterless hair-care products proliferate

Beauty brands continue to focus their attention on environmentally-friendly practices as they create new products targeted toward young consumers, who prioritize reducing waste to ultimately live more sustainably. Beauty & grooming brands in the hair-care vertical have found ways to remove water and plastic from their products, giving people clean hair—and perhaps a cleaner conscience.


Waterless is a hair-care brand from CPG giant Procter & Gamble. The brand’s concept is simple, yet powerful: it’s a line of non-wash hair-care and styling products that are designed to work without water. The brand was born in Cape Town, South Africa as a solution to the Day Zero water crisis back in 2018, but has since grown into a range of products that cater to all hair types in an eco-friendly manner. Waterless offers four categories of product—Cleanse, Fragrance, Condition, and Style—that include dry shampoos, conditioners, and hair balms that cover shower-skipping needs. If there’s any confusion as to which product is best for individual hair types, Waterless’ website offers suggestions to guide users to their perfect hair-care match.


OWA Haircare is doing its part to herald the future of hair-care with a first-of-its kind, inaugural offering: Moondust Collection Hair Wash, a powder hair wash that transforms into a liquid shampoo when activated with water. There is absolutely no water used in the Moondust hair wash, which is quite the reduction from standard liquid shampoos on the market, which usually contain around 80% water. Not only is this particular formulation more eco-friendly, but it also makes room for more product: one Moondust Collection Hair Wash is equal to four bottles of 8 oz. liquid shampoo. With such an offering, OWA strives to help consumers rethink beauty practices and push the industry to stray from excess water use in beauty products.


New Zealand-based ethical beauty brand Ethique is tackling hair-care and skincare, all with a focus on completely removing plastic and water from its production process. Ethique creates beauty bars for use on the face, body, and hair, including a range of shampoo and conditioner bars. Consumers can choose to get clean with the knowledge that they aren’t contributing to the use of 132.8 billion liters of water every year (that amount of water goes into manufacturing plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as the product formulated within these packages). Since the brand’s launch in 2012, Ethique has helped to prevent over 6 million plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.