Check out the latest viral TikTok food trends

As we’ve covered in a previous roundup, TikTok, which was demonstrating astronomical growth before, is experiencing a new boom amongst global citizens under lockdown. The social video app is propelling new food trends for housebound youth, who enjoy watching cooking videos and trying out recipes themselves. Check out some of the latest TikTok food trends below.


You might have noticed cereal bowls filled with the teeniest pancakes circulating on various social media platforms recently, especially as the hashtag #pancakecereal had been viewed over 10 million times on TikTok alone at the beginning of May. Slathered in syrup and sometimes complete with a pat of butter, the image of such a snack is oddly satisfying in a way that has propelled this trend to continued heights. Indeed, influencers are getting creative with this trend, adding fun twists like sprinkles, frosting, and even crushed actual cereal to these tiny pancakes. How does one go about making this sweet snack? Make sure you squeeze your pancake batter through icing bags or even syringes to get those perfect, miniature rounds.


Sourdough bread? That’s old news; TikTok users have since moved on to a new leaven variant: frog bread. There’s definitely a comedic element inherent to this particular food trend, as the visual of frog bread alone is both adorable and slightly ugly (in a good way). The instructions for frog bread are based off of a recipe from 2005 that has been recirculating thanks to the virality of TikTok. To wit, #froggybread has netted over one million views on the social video platform.


This TikTok trend couldn’t be easier to make: these peanut butter cookies require only three ingredients (peanut butter, sugar, and an egg) and 8-10 minutes of baking. The simplicity of these cookies lends itself nicely to creative variation; indeed, some users add chocolate chips or even oats for a more decadent or healthier snack, depending on their mood. The proliferation of such an easy recipe speaks to youths' desire to engage in a hobby like baking, but in a way that reduces excess labor and stress, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic is providing more than enough duress anyway.