Ready-to-drink matcha beverages hit the shelves

Matcha has been trendy for years at this point, but the popularity of this ground green tea powder continues to grow—and reach even more mainstream adoption—at a steady pace. Recently, some matcha brands have expanded their repertoire with ready-to-drink matcha beverages, giving matcha newbies and fans alike the chance to order their antioxidant-loaded caffeine source in an easy-to-drink and on-the-go format (allowing them to eschew the traditional process of making matcha by whisking it until it’s incorporated into water or milk).


MatchaBar is expanding its popular line of Hustle matcha energy drinks with new branding, new flavors, and a direct-to-consumer model, all of which launched earlier this spring. Hustle’s no-sugar sparkling energy drinks are made with ceremonial grade matcha and real fruit juice, and come in flavors like Peach, Lemon Lime, Mint, and Berry. The rebrand was accompanied by a star-studded campaign titled “New Decade, New Hustle,” featuring the likes of Billie Eilish and Diplo, who reveal what hustle personally means to them. Matcha fans can now subscribe to MatchaBar’s Hustle drinks online, for a monthly re-up on their drinks at a discounted price.


Ultra-trendy, New York-based matcha café ChaCha Matcha is giving devoted consumers their matcha fix via four ready-to-drink canned matcha teas. Staying true to ChaCha’s branding, the matcha beverages are appropriately packaged in ombréd pastel cans displaying the brand’s signature palm tree imagery. The line offers trendy flavors that combine matcha with popular wellness blends, as seen in its Activated Charcoal and Ginger Turmeric options. Matcha lovers can purchase the ready-to-drink tea beverages on ChaCha Matcha’s website, where the brand is also teasing the advance of ready-to-drink lattes that have yet to debut.


The newest offering from functional beverage brand Tempo is a CBD-infused sparkling matcha drink that is designed to help consumers “hit the reset button” on their day with the help of cannabinoid extracts and functional herbs, keeping them focused and balanced but ultimately still energized. Not only has the brand swiftly added an online direct-to-consumer option during the Covid-19 pandemic, but Tempo is also donating 10% of its sales to the University of Chicago Medicine COVID-19 Response Fund through the end of May.