Telemedicine startups service women's contraceptive needs

Check out the following telehealth startups that are focusing on women’s health—specifically, women’s contraceptive needs. Such offerings are certainly the future of medicine, especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic as consumers eschew non-essential medical visits to flatten the curve for those in the medical community fighting Covid-19 on the front lines.


Twentyeight Health is a mission-driven women’s health organization that is bringing convenience and affordability in regards to sexual and reproductive health to women in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The startup is simplifying access to birth control, providing digital doctor consultations (promoting an on-going relationship via secure messaging), and rapid home deliveries so that women can get their birth control as easily and painlessly as possible. Twentyeight Health also donates 2% of its revenue to Bedsider and the National Institute for Reproductive Health to further its commitment to all women in need of access to healthcare services. With many women losing their jobs and health insurance due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Twentyeight Health is offering a free doctor evaluation for a new or updated prescription when they use the code GIVE28.


According to PitchBook, digital health startup Nurx brought its valuation to nearly $300 million last August. Nurx makes birth control more accessible and affordable for women via a direct-to-consumer strategy, a model that has brought the startup much success: Nurx counted over 200,000 patients and a consistent monthly growth rate of around 20%. Women can use the telehealth service to get their birth control—whether they require the pill, shot, ring, or patch—sent directly to their home. In addition to birth control, Nurx also provides emergency contraception, STI and HPV testing kits, and PrEP medication to users across 26 states (as of last fall), and has a plan to expand its accessibility to 90% of the country.


The Pill Club has successfully become a one-stop-shop for women’s contraceptive needs and secured $51 million in a Series B round of funding early last year to strengthen its telemedicine practice and expand its available prescriptions. Consumers can use the online service to get their pre-existing contraceptive prescription filled and sent straight to their door, with no delivery charge and no copay (depending on their insurance). On top of that offering, which is available in all 50 states, The Pill Club can also prescribe birth control to users in 35 states via telemedicine consultations. Every delivery comes in a cute pink envelope with an accompanying gift, making birth control deliveries that much sweeter.