Popcorn gets a sweet twist

Lately, popcorn is getting a pretty sweet upgrade with dessert-inspired drizzles as well as confectionery or even fruity flavors. While some of these snacks target those with a sweet-tooth, others still cater to health-conscious snackers who are looking for unique flavors without the added guilt. The bottom line: any sweet-meets-savory snack lover needs to get their hands on these emergent popcorn flavors.


The Safe + Fair Food Company believes that everyone should be able to eat interesting foods they love, which prompted the brand to create delicious snack foods, made with honest, understandable ingredients, that retail for affordable prices. Safe + Fair most recently launched kettle popped Drizzled Popcorn, which comes in four whimsical, dessert-inspired flavors: Birthday Cake, Key Lime Pie, Blueberry Cobbler À La Mode, and Dark Chocolaty, all of which are vegan and free from gluten, tree nuts, and peanuts. After all, Safe + Fair prides itself on leaving common allergens off its snacks’ ingredient lists so everyone, regardless of dietary needs, can enjoy the brand’s offerings. What’s more, Safe + Fair donates 3% of all its proceeds to the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University, supporting allergy research and care in service of finding better treatments and ultimately lasting cures.


Premium wellness snack brand LesserEvil is taking snacking in a category-redefining direction for summer 2020 with its new fruit-flavored popcorn. Starting mid-May, snackers can try the brand’s boundary-pushing, lively flavors: Pink Grapefruit, Lemonade, and Watermelon Hibiscus. These tart summer snacks are organic and air-popped, coming in at 110 calories a serving. Snackers can find this unique popcorn on LesserEvil’s website and Amazon throughout the summer months, and Whole Foods Market will also stock the Lemonade and Pink Grapefruit flavors for a limited time.


Sam’s Club is sweetening their savory snack selection with dessert-flavored popcorn. Shoppers can now get their hands on Candy Pop Snickers Popcorn, popcorn mixed with ground-up Snickers and drizzled with caramel and nuts, and Sweet Chaos’ Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Drizzled Popcorn, handmade kettle corn made with cake batter-flavored drizzle and topped with colorful sprinkles. The Snickers popcorn is exclusive to Sam’s Club and retails for $5.98 a bag for a limited time only, while the Sweet Chaos popcorn comes in a 10-pack for $9.98.

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