Youth & Racial Injustice II

What Young People Have To Say About Racial Injustice in America: Part II

We talked to young adults in the Cassandra Collective about the recent events in light of the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Here’s what they have to say about racism, #BlackLivesMatter, and more, as a follow up to yesterday’s Daily and in lieu of The Cassandra Daily Podcast this week. These qualitative insights, from online research conducted June 2-3, 2020, are supported by data from our ongoing quantitative research.


  • “The BLM movement is so important. All lives matter discredits the suffering of Black people and sees BLM as an attack. BLM is about recognizing that, while other people matter too, Black lives have not mattered in the eyes of the law for 400+ years. – Danita, 18, PA
  • “I support them [BlackLivesMatter] because they want peace and race equality. They want change in this world.” – Victor, 15, IL


  • “Do something about this. Take direct action. Stop posting hashtags and black squares and DO SOMETHING. Listen to Black voices. – Danita, 18, PA
  • The numbers from Cassandra: Black young people are less likely than peers to say their generation are “slactivists.”
  • Supporting content from Cassandra: Want to learn more about specific initiatives for Black people, by Black entrepreneurs? Check out this Daily on social spaces for by/for people of color along with this Daily on cannabusiness initiatives by and for people of color.


  • I think that racism lives in all parts of the world and that it's a very unsettling feeling. However, I do think there are A LOT of people in this world that aren't racist and treat everyone with equality and fairness. I think that it's good that this issue has been brought to light, but I do think that it's too excessive at this point on how far it's progressed. I think that there's also a lot of misrepresentation of how justice has been shown by media and that it's very one-sided and because people rely on media to learn about what's going on in the world, they aren't fully educated or provided with all sides of a story before airing it out on TV. So what we may think is a story in its entirety may not be the case.” – Daphne, 34, CA
  • “I think it's been happening for a while! Being a minority it's scary being around white people because they're fearful, [and might] have hatred of you and I'm not psychic—I can't tell who is racist and isn't, but we generally don't get treated all that well.” – Robert, 28, WI
  • The numbers from Cassandra: Only 27% of Black and Hispanic young adults compared to 36% of White young adults say they aren’t concerned about their safety in places like movie theaters, places of worship, at school, or at home.