Mochi ice cream is having a moment

Mochi itself is a glutinous Japanese rice cake that has a long and significant cultural history. The subtly sweet rice treat is super versatile, and has lent itself well to new evolutions. Here, we look at the popularity of mochi ice cream, bite-sized dollops of ice cream wrapped in a mochi dough made from sugar and rice flour. Check out the following brands pioneering the growth and adoption of this delightful little confection.


Mochidoki has been selling its mochi ice cream to hospitality partners since 2015, and has more recently embraced a direct-to-consumer strategy, shipping its adorable and icy treats to patrons in 23 states and more on the way. Further capitalizing on this promising growth, Mochidoki opened its first physical storefront in the trendy SoHo shopping district in NYC at the beginning of March, and has remained open for contact-free delivery and pickup during the Covid-19 shutdown, offering quarantined consumers its delightful mochi ice cream alongside other mochi-based confections—including a stunning matcha mochi treat that is topped with meringue and gold leaf—during this stressful time.


My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream offers consumers delectable little mochi ice cream snacks: small scoops of premium ice cream wrapped in a dough made from sweet rice, rendering the treat chewy and not overly-sweet. My/Mo has previously made its unpackaged mochi ice cream offerings available via self-serve bars in supermarkets across the nation, but back in April My/Mo debuted its novelty mochi ice cream balls packaged in a ready-to-eat single serving container. The new format dovetails with the Covid-19 pandemic and a subsequent emphasis on food safety, and allows consumers the peace of mind to enjoy such a treat without worrying about possible contamination.


Sweety Ice Cream’s mochi ice cream comes in some seriously fun flavors, including Simply Strawberry, Alphonso Mango, Classic Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea, and Vietnamese Coffee. At the end of May, these flavors were made available in over 1500 Walmart locations across the country. This achievement was clinched at Walmart’s 2019 Open Call event—which hosts entrepreneurs who pitch new and niche products to Walmart buyers via in-person meetings—where Sweety was selected to receive an “on the spot” distribution deal.